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Best and most famous 10 restaurants in Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is a charming Moroccan city that features many tourist attractions, great entertainment opportunities, and high quality restaurants that offer delicious traditional Moroccan dishes to guests such as Couscous, fresh seafood, and Tagine, while other restaurants also offer distinctive international cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and other popular international cuisines. Continue reading to find out more about the best restaurants in the white city of Casablanca.

1. La Bodega Restaurant

La Bodega restaurant Casablanca

La Bodega offers delicious Spanish food in a lively and fun atmosphere with good music and a great design. The menu includes a selection of tapas, steak dishes, classic fish dishes, and other Spanish dishes such as paella, manchego, chorizo, and Iberico Jamon. They also offer desserts such as Crema Catalana and a range of cocktails and appetizers.

2. Du Port de Pêche Restaurant

Du Port de Pêche Restaurant

If you want to taste the best fresh seafood that Morocco has to offer, then the du Port de Peche restaurant is the right choice. It is large and features a unique design, and it offers its dishes to guests at reasonable prices.

This restaurant is an excellent choice for both locals and tourists where guests can enjoy a great variety of seafood dishes such as shrimps, calamari, oysters, giant dishes of fried fish, and seafood paella.

3. Rick's Cafe

Rick's Café casablanca

This sophisticated and distinctive restaurant features a charming atmosphere and design to enjoy the delicious dishes in great mood. Rick's Cafe has beautifully laid out interiors featuring a nice range of carefully chosen pieces of furniture and decor.

Food selections at Rick’s Cafe takes advantage of Morocco’s abundance in seafood. The menu offers a wide selection of fish from the traditional Sole Meuniere to John Dory crusted with black pepper, white wine and thyme. Steaks, foie gras, goat cheese salad with fresh figs and an American Crab Louis are among the dinner selections.

The restaurant is very popular among tourists and locals, so it is necessary to book a table online or by phone.

4. La Bavaroise Restaurant

La Bavaroise Restaurant casablanca

La Bavaroise is beautifully designed to enjoy classic French and Moroccan cuisine in a great atmosphere featuring warm lighting, light wood, and elegantly organized plants.

This restaurant offers a varied menu of exquisite Moroccan and French dishes, including shellfish, high-quality beef, poultry and pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and an extensive dessert menu. While the speciality is grass-fed beef from the Atlas Mountains served in the form of steak with french fries, green salad and French sauces.

5. A Ma Bretagne Restaurant

A Ma Bretagne Restaurant casablanca

A Ma Bretagne Restaurant combines elegance, sophistication, and beautiful ocean views. It serves classic French cuisine, and features a beautiful dinning room with dark wood floors and warm lighting. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace.

The A Ma Bretagne restaurant has a small but excellent menu. It offers appetizers such oysters while the main dishes include seafood, beef, lamb, and a selection of classic French sweets.

6. La Sqala Cafe

la sqala cafe casablanca

La Sqala Cafe features many places to sit at, a balcony with glass walls, a courtyard garden with fountain tiles and full of beautiful flowers, and a beautifully designed dining room.

This place serves traditional Moroccan cuisine at reasonable prices such as the Tagine, seafood, Couscous, fresh juices, and traditional Moroccan sweets and dessert.

7. ILOLI Restaurant

ILOLI restaurant casablanca

Lolli serves fine Japanese cuisine in an elegant and modern atmosphere. It specializes in seafood dishes including sushi, along with a range of meat and vegetable dishes.

This elegant restaurant features a beautiful dining room and exquisite decor, and it is always ranking as one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Casablanca.

8. La Mer Restaurant

La Mer restaurant is located near the lighthouse of Casablanca and the famous Hassan II Mosque, and it specializes in fish and crustaceans dishes.

The simply decorated dining room of this restaurant features a wonderful view of the ocean, and because it is very popular among visitors, it is better for you to reserve a table in advance.

9. Tavern Le Dauphin Restaurant

Tavern Le Dauphin restaurant Casablanca

To get fresh seafood in a simple and quiet environment, you can try dining at Tavern Le Dauphin, which offers its visitors a varied menu of dishes that includes everything from shrimp, octopus, shellfish, crab, and calamari to seafood soups, salads and large dishes of fried fish. They also offer some meat dishes, sweets, and dessert, as well as fresh drinks.

The dining room in this place is colorful and comfortable, and decorated with a marine feel.

10. Al-Mounia Restaurant

Al-Mounia Restaurant casablanca

For excellent Moroccan authentic food in a fine environment, head over to the restaurant of Al-Mounia, which offers its visitors a rich menu of delicious Moroccan dishes, as well as desserts, and a range of salads.

This restaurant features a beautiful indoor dining room with sculpted arches, and a leafy garden patio.