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Bhalil | A wonderful village worth visiting in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco

Bhalil is a small village located outside Fez city in Morocco, near the city of Sefrou, floating in the Atlas Mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level, and it is famous for its picturesque houses embracing the Atlas mountains.

The total population of this town is only 17,000 people. It is largely unknown to tourists, although it offers a more realistic view of the Moroccan Berber culture.

Bhalil village is one of the quietest and most wonderful Moroccan villages away from the tourist crowds and crowded tourist sites. Here, people still live a very simple traditional life, and the locals seem to have gained the inner peace that makes them happy and friendly.

Bhalil village streets

Bhalil village is surrounded by the high slopes of the Atlas Mountains. The village is known for its small alleys and narrow streets all of which appear to be painted in wonderful colors.

While in town, you can wander around and discover many hidden historical places full of magic. If you wander around and scrutinize carefully, you will likely notice that women sit outside their homes, chat and laugh as they make many handicrafts that are rarely seen around the world.

Caves in Bhalil Village

Bhalil village caves

In Bhalil village, there are more than 500 caves, most of which are used as storage space for sheep and cows, while there are about 100 caves where families actually live. Once a year, the residents of the caves move all their belongings from inside and cover the entire interior with a new layer of limestone.

Residence in Bhalil village

Bhalil village guest houses

Kamal Chaoui House is the only guest house in the old town of Bhalil. This is a great 4 bedroom place with a beautiful balcony overlooking the city.

Perhaps one of the most important features of the guesthouse is its heating system, which gives visitors a warm and comfortable night in the winter. Another awesome feature of this guesthouse is its stunning terrace, with a collection of flowers, homemade seats, and a coffee table providing an ideal corner for reading, or having a pleasant and inspiring conversation with the owner of the house “Kamal”.

The owner of the house will also help you on a tour that lasts about 7 hours, and along the way you will meet families who live in the Atlas Mountains, who are very friendly and happy to serve mint tea and share their stories with you through Kamal.

Food and restaurants in Bhalil village

Bhalil village restaurant

There are a few shops in Bhalil, but there are no restaurants to eat at. Therefore, the best place to eat at in Bhalil is the Kamal's guest house, where traditional Moroccan dishes such as Tagine and couscous are prepared and served, bearing in mind, that olives, almonds, and wheat are harvested from nearby the house and used to prepare the dishes.

Local people of Bhalil village

Bhalil village locals

The most amazing part in your visit to Bhalil village will be the locals, most of whom speak Arabic and Berber dialects, but some are able to speak French as well. They are very friendly, hospitable, and welcoming, so you will find them looking to help you even if you don't ask.

Women in this village make craft products, while most men work in agriculture or construction, and for the most part, they live a wonderful and simple life far from complications.