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Discover the Moroccan gastronomy and the top traditional dishes

Moroccan cuisine is rightly renowned worldwide. It offers a wide variety of dishes typical of oriental cuisine, in a subtle blend of spices, honey and dried fruits. Inspired by a Roman heritage and Mediterranean culture, Moroccan cuisine is based mainly on olive oil, fruits and vegetables and cereals. True alchemy with a thousand and one flavors, there are many variations for the same recipe depending on the region ... During your trip, you can enjoy all kinds of refined pastries, kebabs and grills, salads, soups and stews, and even sea snails!

Traditional dishes of Moroccan cuisine

moroccan cuisine tagine morocco

The tagine designates both the earthenware pot used for this dish, and the stew that cooks slowly. It is often based on fish on the Moroccan coast, chicken and lamb in the hinterland. There are many variations depending on the region: candied lemons, ginger and cinnamon, prunes, almonds and honey, etc. If the opportunity arises, taste the tanjia marrakchia in particular: a delight ...

Moroccan couscous

Moroccan couscous is traditionally made of zucchini, tomatoes, turnips and chickpeas. Accompanied by wheat semolina, it is generally made from lamb, beef or chicken. Depending on the region, the recipes are more or less spicy. In the Rif, couscous is rich in prunes and carrots, it is based on fish and coriander on the Atlantic coast, while in Marrakech it is served with beans and turnips. While traveling in the Atlas valleys, you will certainly taste belboula couscous, made from barley semolina.

Moroccan seafood dishes

The Atlantic coast of Morocco is very famous for its fish and seafood. In addition to the very popular sardines, the fishing ports supply every day a large quantity of sea bream, wolves, pageots, hake. They are usually cooked as a marinade, such as chermoula (olive oil, coriander, cumin, garlic and chilli), but can also be enjoyed grilled. After tasting oysters and sea urchins, do not miss the sardine keftas, they are excellent and absolutely not found elsewhere.

moroccan pastilla

Pastilla and briouats are succulent preparations based on thin layers of puff pastry. Typically, the pastilla is stuffed with pigeon and almonds, sometimes with chicken or fish. You should also taste the sweet pastilla, milk, almonds and orange blossom. The briouats are smaller, fried and served very hot. A delight !

moroccan harira

Taste the famous harira, a deliciously spicy soup made with meat, chickpeas and lentils. Bissara soup, made with beans, is more spicy, but just as delicious! This type of dish is ideal for warming up in the middle of winter on the heights of the Atlas!