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Everything you need to know before your trip to Agadir, Morocco

If you are looking for a fabulous holiday under the Moroccan sun, head towards Agadir. Located in the South of Morocco, this large seaside resort with a mild climate is increasingly popular with all those looking for unforgettable memories as a couple, family or friends. Former city of agriculture and fishing, it was completely rebuilt after the devastating earthquake in 1960. Agadir has become today the symbol of modernity in Morocco. Important economic pole of the country, it is also its second tourist city. Its generous sun, its splendid and varied landscapes, its warm atmosphere and the wide range of activities that this city offers promise you a busy holiday!

Why visit Agadir?

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Agadir is the most important city in the south of Morocco. Its region has developed thanks to its port and agricultural activities. What sets Agadir apart from other Moroccan cities: it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, then rebuilt a little further. It is therefore resolutely modern. Agadir is a dynamic city which offers its visitors multiple activities and outings. You can stay there for several days to also discover the south of the country. Its almost 7 km long beach and particularly pleasant climate make it the destination of many tourists every year. Do you want to relax? Whether taking a nap on its beautiful sandy beach or with a walk along its port, Agadir is the ideal place for idleness.

Where to stay in Agadir?

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Agadir is a popular destination for tourists. The positive point: you will easily find accommodation to your liking. If you are a fan of the beach, opt for the city center and the Anza district. The Cité Suisse will suit you perfectly if you like beautiful stones: it is in this district that the oldest villas of Agadir are found. Finally, for luxurious accommodation, it is the Founty district which is home to the most beautiful hotel complexes.

To also see and do in Agadir

The Medina Polizzi agadir morocco

Although the current city of Agadir is recent, the new medina (also called Medina Polizzi, after its creator) gives the impression of having always been there (Photo). Then, the El Had souk is one of the most important in southern Morocco and is located in Agadir. Finally, if you are a lover of history and culture, different museums will be of interest to you. Finally, all visitors to this charming city agree on one point: the ruins of the old medina offer the most beautiful view of the existing city.

Nature lovers will be delighted with their trip. The city zoo, also known as the Valley of the Birds, is home to a multitude of species.

When to go to Agadir?

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Agadir is particularly appreciated for its climate: it offers 300 days of sunshine a year. The driest and warmest months are June, July and August. Agadir is also very crowded at this time of the year. If you want to enjoy this city with milder temperatures and a little less tourists, you can go there from March to May and then from September to November.