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Everything you need to know before your trip to Rabat, Morocco

Located on the Atlantic coast, Rabat is the political and administrative capital of Morocco, and the second largest agglomeration of the kingdom. Imperial city listed in 2013 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was founded in the 12th century by the great Almohad sultan "Abd al Moumen", whose ribat (a religious and military camp comprising a citadel and immense ramparts) nothing less than the starting point of the Arab incursions in Spain: from then on, the Muslims installed in Andalusia made the golden age of the city by giving it a commercial and artisanal role of foreground. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was only to a small town of 25,000 inhabitants that Marshal Lyautey conferred the status of political and administrative capital of the French protectorate.

Why visit Rabat?

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Rabat is the administrative capital of Morocco. It is one of the 4 imperial cities of the country with Fez, Marrakech and Meknes. Its location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and at the mouth of the Bouregreg River gives it a very pleasant mild climate. It is probably not as rich in visits as other Moroccan cities. But Its calm is particularly rejuvenating. It is ideal for a getaway for an exotic weekend.

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You can stroll through its medina and its blue and white alleys. No need to run, admire the colors, breathe in the smells, order a coffee, take your time. Lose the idea a little to discover, at your own pace, the pretty treasures there and return to the essentials of the trip.

Where to stay in Rabat?

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In Rabat, two districts are particularly appreciated for staying there: the Medina and its traditional riads, or the modern district with its comfortable hotels. For a dynamic atmosphere, the rue des consuls is right next to the souks. Finally, the Hassan district is ideally located for visiting the city.

What to see and do in Rabat?

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Part of the heritage of Rabat is classified by Unesco. You can start exploring the city with the Hassan tower. Then continue with the magnificent Mohammed V Mausoleum. Then head into the medina to the Kasbah of the Oudaya, a true wonder that provokes a systematic crush. You will not fail to pass in front of the café Maure. Stop for a delicious tea with an incredible panoramic view. To end on a note of tranquility, the Chellah necropolis is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Rabat.

kasbah of oudaya rabat morocco

Have you decided to stay a little longer in Rabat? So, go to the new city to discover this sector entirely built under the French Protectorate. Don't miss the Test Garden. Finally, Rabat would not be what it is without its twin, Salé. It is located on the other bank of the Bouregreg river, a few tram stations from the center of Rabat. You can explore its medina, its souks, the great Almohad mosque and, above all, the old bastion Borj Adoumoue.

When to go to Rabat?

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Temperatures in Rabat remain pleasant throughout the year. Count around 15 degrees in winter (which is a little rainy) and 25 degrees in summer. So, the best time to visit Rabat is from April to October.