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Explore the historical Marrakech on foot | An astonishing walking tour

Marrakech, a rich medieval city of the Maghreb (Morocco in Arabic), still nicknamed the Pearl of the South or the red city because of the predominant color on the facades of houses and monuments, acts as a guardian at the entrance of one of the largest deserts in the world, namely the Sahara.

The history of this millennial city is linked to the history of the country, Morocco. To discover the treasures of this magnificent city, praised by tourists and VIPs from all over the world, it is recommended to take a walking tour to learn about the history and the culture of this magical city.

The perfect Marrakech walking tour

Jamaa el fna marrakech morocco
Jamaa el fna square

Leaving from your hotel by yourself, or in the company of a guide, you will set off to explore Marrakech. You will start your tour by discovering the great symbol of the city, that which is surely the most visible and the best known, namely the Koutoubia mosque with its minaret which overlooks the whole city (height of 69 m). The Koutoubia is often used as a compass for tourists to better locate themselves in the heart of Marrakech.

Then, it is important not to miss the famous Saadian tombs: it is a mausoleum which was discovered in 1917 and which remains extremely rich.

marrakech souks
One of Marrakech souks

Then, you will make a small detour to the splendid Jemaa El Fna square which is the nerve center of the city: very lively, it is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious tea, to taste the local specialties while watching the live shows. At nightfall, the square turns into a huge tavern where locals and tourists alike enjoy their dinner in the open air.

Finally, to end this walking tour, you will discover the Bahia Palace. A monument of stunning beauty, typically oriental. Surely one of the most beautiful palaces in the city and in the country!

koutoubia mosque marrakech
Road to Koutoubia mosque

The highlights of this excursion are the unique opportunity to discover a culture, an architecture, a rich history of several millennia in a few hours with emblematic monuments like the Bahia palace, the Koutoubia, the Saadian tombs, the different gardens like that of Majorelle or that of Agdal. A sublime tour that will intoxicate you, between the scents of the city and those of the fruit trees that dot the city from side to side.