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Get to know the majestic royal palace in Rabat, Morocco

The Royal Palace was built in 1864 on the ruins of the old royal palace. Today it is the seat of government. It is an architectural complex surrounded by a particular enclosure. It is made up of the city of the government including a mosque, barracks for the guard, a royal college, a small racetrack as well as various ministerial buildings.

The Royal Palace in Rabat is the official residence of the King and the royal family.

The official name of this palace is the Al-Mishwar Al-Saeed Palace which means the Palace of Happiness.

The buildings inside the palace are all topped with saddle roofs of green tiles, structured according to the model of the traditional city house; they are oriented towards large gardens and interior courtyards which are very lively.

The Royal Palace in Rabat can only be seen from a distance because entry is prohibited. However, even from afar you will feel the splendor of this building and its majestic design.

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