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Moroccan crafts, ancestral know-how | Top 5 and breathtaking crafts

Moroccan craftsmanship, an ancient know-how mixing different Arab, Berber, Jewish, and Andalusian traditions, the ancestral know-how of Moroccan craftsmanship has been renowned for centuries. Whether it is stone, wood, ordinary or precious metals, you will find real treasures all over the country! The souks and Moroccan bazaars are home to a wide variety of shops and workshops.

Moroccan jewelry

Moroccan jewelry

Gold, silver, copper, stones and jewels ... Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and fibulas ... Moroccan jewelry is infinite! Inherited from Jewish and Berber know-how, they are essential in Morocco! In most cities, a district is dedicated to jewelers, generally near the souks. Fez and Tangier are particularly renowned for the talents of their silversmiths, especially for the work of gold. Finally, you will find the most beautiful silver jewelry in Taroudant, Tiznit, Rissani and Tan-Tan.

Carpentry and wood carving

Carpentry and wood carving in morocco

Woodworking has remained one of the most important traditions. The Moroccan medinas are home to superb works with Arab-Andalusian inspirations. If you have the opportunity, visit Moroccan palaces and mansions: behind their majestic doors, you can admire superb woodwork (ceilings and ornaments, screens and precious chests ...). The carpenters of Fez, Meknes, Tetouan and Sale are among the most prestigious in the country. You will find beautiful objects in cedar, lemon, thuja, etc. Let yourself be enchanted by the colors and the scents… The most beautiful pieces of marquetry are mainly produced in Essaouira: boxes and jewelry boxes, chessboards, trays, furniture, etc.

Ceramics and pottery

Ceramics and pottery in morocco

Among the most famous ceramics in Morocco, we must mention those of Fez, for their reasons and for the famous "blue of Fez", but also those of Meknes and Safi. Depending on the region, they take on different colors: yellow, red, brown, blue, and green. Moroccan pottery, imprint of Berber and Andalusian know-how is mainly produced in Rabat, Marrakech, Taroudant Chefchaouen and Azemmour.

Leather goods

Leather goods morocco

When exploring Morocco, it is difficult to resist the charms and originality of leather goods, a true witness to Moroccan know-how and craftsmanship. Poufs, slippers, luggage, belts, etc. Mainly made in Fez and Marrakech, these objects are sold in all the souks of the country at unbeatable prices!

Moroccan rugs and carpets

Moroccan rugs and carpets

First of all, we must distinguish urban carpets (floral ornaments predominate and are arranged around the central motif) from rural and Berber carpets (knotted wool, bright colors and mysterious geometric patterns). The most original carpets are probably those of Rabat, which recall the works of the high plains of Anatolia. You will also find the most beautiful Berber carpets in Rabat, in the Rif, in Marrakech and in Ouarzazate.