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Motorhomes and camping in Morocco | The traffic rules to know

Wondering if it is safe or difficult to drive in Morocco in a camper van or in a furnished van? If it is said that driving in Morocco is dangerous, it is a prejudice: it is only in big cities. The Cherifian Empire is an excellent country to explore in a motorhome.

Before getting into the subject, good news: petrol stations are numerous in the country, and prices are much lower than in France for example (around 1 $ per liter).

Amazing Atlas-Mountains roads

Safety and equipment

The vehicle must be fitted with a reflective vest, a spare tire and a warning triangle in the event of an accident. It is also compulsory to fasten a seat belt for all passengers in the vehicle.


Driving is done, on the right lane with overtaking on the left. The state of the road network is constantly improving as the State invests massively in road infrastructure. However, you have to be extra careful because motorists (scooters and bikers) can be dangerous.

Beware of driving at night as obstacles are often invisible. Also beware of mountain roads: some - with a significant overhang - lack safety barriers. Another piece of advice: when crossing, if the traffic lights malfunction, listen to the horns to find out what to do.

Towards the High-Atlas mountains.

Drinking and driving

The blood alcohol level should be 0 at all times. Morocco being a Muslim country, the government does not allow any tolerance on alcohol. It is better not to try to drink even 1 alcohol drink before driving, as sanctions can go as far as prison time.

Speed ​​limits

In Morocco, the speed limits are as follows:

40 km / h in city centers,

60 km / h in built-up areas,

100 km / h outside built-up areas,

120 km / h on the highway.

Be sure to scrupulously respect the speed limits, because the police equipped with radars and binoculars are numerous, even in isolated places: fines are raining in Morocco!