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Other amazing and exciting things to do in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is the main destination for tourists in Morocco. The Pearl of the South is very popular, and for good reason: located between sea and mountains, it combines Moroccan traditions and modernism to satisfy all its visitors. Below, we have listed for you some cool things to do in Marrakech to enjoy this astonishing city to the fullest.

Saadian tombs

Saadian tombs marrakech

Discovered around 1917 then restored, this site shelters several bodies in a magnificently decorated mausoleum and a garden of the necropolis.

Dar Si Said Museum

Dar Si Said Museum Marrakech

This museum is entirely devoted to Moroccan wood crafts!

House of Photography

House of Photography marrakech

If you like photography, this museum brings together a photographic collection from the 1870s to the 1950s.

Go to a hammam

hammam marrakech

Your visit to Marrakech will not be complete without enjoying the luxury of a hammam, a different experience from a spa in the Western world, where you will be asked to put on your little clothes for a good cleaning. When you are immaculately clean, follow a relaxing massage that will float you out of the hammam and smear with a divine scent.

Eat at a market stall

market stall marrkech

The market stalls in the main souk of the medina have a range of fresh Moroccan dishes that you can eat. Don't be put off by street food: it is one of the best you can find in Marrakech.

Drink tea

moroccan tea marrakech

You won't get tired of it. Being a Muslim country, alcohol is not easy to find in Morocco, but the tea is delicious there. During the hot season, a Moroccan mint tea can be surprisingly refreshing.

Relax on a rooftop

rooftop  marrakech

There are many terraces on the rooftops of Marrakech and if you like to relax and watch people go by, there are quite a few close spots to the main square from where you can climb sit, tea or cocktail in hand, keeping an eye on what's going on downstairs.

Marvel at the mosaics

mosaics marrakech

One thing you will do throughout your stay in Marrakech, but also throughout Morocco, will be to admire the beautiful mosaics that are found everywhere. Many museums and hotels have basins in the center of their inner courtyards, and the decor of the floors and walls are superb works of Mosaic art.