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Rabat city | The door of Morocco and its beautiful capital

Let's set the scene. Here is a city, Rabat which literally means "fortified place". A city rocked by the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the mouth of the Bou Regreg river. On the opposite bank is Sale, the dormitory town of Rabat. Once there, the list of sites to visit are numerous: the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the Kasbah of the Oudaya, the Hassan Tower, the Royal Mausoleum, the old Medina, the National Archaeological Museum, or even the Royal Palace .

Rabat is certainly the capital of Morocco, but tends to be overtaken by other cities in terms of tourism such as Marrakech. This city remains very touristy, however, where visitors can easily be seduced by historic monuments such as the Hassan Tower, the Oudaya, or the Chella Necropolis.

Museums are also included in the tourist circuits. The Museum of Archeology is one of the most visited, then comes the Museum of Ceramics and the Museum of Earth Sciences. Entrance to certain museums in Rabat is free; but generally, it pays because the cost is symbolic. The gates and walls of the city of Rabat are also among the most prized curiosities insofar as these are true architectural and therefore cultural identities. Rabat also has a modern side that allows you to vary the pleasure during a trip in the city.

In Rabat, you can indeed practice several sports and leisure activities such as golf, sailing, bowling, or horse riding. In the big city, accommodation is not a problem and tourists have the choice between hotels of all categories, studios, and apartments or guesthouses.

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