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Rue des Consuls | The best craft Souk in Rabat, Morocco

Rue des Consuls is the craft souk of the city of Rabat and overlooks the Kasbah of the Oudaya. Although not the opulence and the size of that of Marrakech or the art galleries/stalls of the medina of Essaouira, the souk of Rabat nevertheless remains a very pleasant walk in the capital. The rue des Consuls is the main street of this one, and extends over more than one kilometer.

The "Rue des Consuls" owes its name to the ambassadors and consuls who have long lived on this street in the middle of the medina. In fact, When Rabat was a city of pirates, a treaty signed with the Sultan, diplomats had the right to redeem captives and they were therefore kept next to the "negotiation area".

Since then, the street has become an uninterrupted row of stalls. Unlike other souks, vendors are not insistent in Rabat. The atmosphere is friendly. All that is sold here is manufactured in the workshops of the medina, including the carpets, because Rabat is the capital of the carpet. Dyed red for the most part, they are hand made, lock stitched by the Rabatians.

All Moroccan crafts are available on Rue des Consuls Souk. You will find carpets as we previously mentioned, pottery, wooden or stone objects from all over Morocco, but also many jewelers whose specialty is silver. For a classic silver jewel, the price per gram should not exceed 15DH (1.6$).

This Souk was renovated a few years ago, sheltered and decorated in an artisanal way. It is now a clean, clear, spaced, and much less crowded place than the winding alleys of Marrakech: you will not get lost here!

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