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The best things to see and do in Rabat, Morocco

Rabat is the little known capital of Morocco, largely overshadowed by Casablanca or Marrakech in the eyes of many tourists. Rabat is the second largest agglomeration of the country reserves surprises for visitors. Indeed, there is no shortage of tourist sites. Nature and culture lovers will be satisfied. All age categories find the activities that correspond to their desires whether it is lazing around, discovering a new civilization, hiking in the mountains, everything is there.

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First of all, the magnificent five-kilometer wall surrounding the old city impresses visitors arriving in Rabat. High on average eight meters for a width of two meters, this enclosure surrounds the 420 hectares of the medina, including the Kasbah of Oudaya. Its monumental doors are so many testimonies of Moorish art from the 12th century. On the other hand, there is not much left of the 19th century enclosure on the ocean side, which was destroyed under the protectorate to make room for the European city.

Inside the old city, and after having crossed the various souks, one will go in particular to visit the Hassan Tower, only vestige of a gigantic mosque, whose construction was interrupted by an earthquake in 1755 (this one same who ravaged Lisbon), as well as the mausoleum of Mohammed V, first king of independent Morocco. This tomb also houses the remains of his successor Hassan II and his youngest son Moulay Abdellah. Another symbol of the dynasty, the royal palace of Dar al Makhzen is also the seat of government dominating the broad esplanade of the Mechouar.

rabat morocco

The city bears witness in particular to an older occupation (Phoenician, Carthaginian, then Roman) with the necropolis of Chella. There are also Christian religious buildings such as Saint Peter's Cathedral completed in 1930 in the modern city. This European city also offers many possibilities for outings and cultural visits such as the Villa des Arts, the Archaeological Museum, the Agdal shopping district, the imposing Mega Mall ,or the Bouregreg marina. In terms of green spaces, Rabat has for example Ibn Sina Park, the Andalusian gardens, and the lung of the Moroccan agglomeration.

rabat morocco

Finally, the Atlantic coast of Morocco is a privileged space for seaside tourism with a number of beaches located just outside the royal city.