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The Stunning Menara (Lighthouse) Gardens in Marrakech, Morocco

The gardens of Menara or the Gardens of the Medina were established in the 12th century, during the reign of the Almohad dynasty, at the request of King Abdelmoumen Almohade to serve as a training ground for soldiers to bathe and create a place conducive to life residents as orchards for agriculture.

Menara Gardens in Marrakesh, Morocco

Al-Menara Park is one of the oldest gardens in Western Islamic and its first historians date back to the reign of Almohad sultan Abdelmoumen Ben Ali. The pawn indicates that the founder of the Almohad state, on his return from Sale in 1157, had planted the lake of Marrakech, a large orchard surrounded by a fence and equipped with a huge reservoir to store large quantities of water For its part, the author of foresight indicates that Abdelmoumen, west of the city, towards Nafis, has planted a garden in front of his palace, this which suggests that it is a garden of Menara and its large cistern.

Menara (Lighthouse) Gardens

The Menara Park offers the typical and classic form of Moroccan royal gardens, similar to those of the Agdal gardens of Marrakech, the Souani cistern of Meknes and Jnane El Sabil in Fez. But it seems difficult to make a comparison with the majority of the tanks of the city of Kairouan in Tunisia, which does not look like it from the point of view of the form or the mode of preparation and construction. It seems more likely to seek out its origins and sources of influence in gardens and the main water sources in Andalusia, especially Granada and Cordoba.

Menara Gardens in Marrakech, Morocco

As you sink into the lighthouse garden, it is full of surprises. In fact, it is a time capsule that takes you through centuries testifying to the succession of kings and dynasties, while this building is still facing changes to become a facet of the city and a pride of the people of Marrakech.

Menara (Lighthouse) Gardens