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Top 10 luxurious restaurants in the red city Marrakech, Morocco

The combination of ancient North African culture, stunning architecture, and delicious food makes Marrakech a wonderful city worth visiting. Indeed, many visitors affirm the splendor of this charming city and the beauty of its authentic eastern atmosphere .. If you plan to travel to Marrakech, here a list of the best 10 restaurants to visit in Marrakech.

1. Riad Kniza Restaurant

Riad Kniza Restaurant

Riad Kniza is a wonderful 18th century restaurant built by Haj Mohamed Bouskri, and it is located in the heart of Marrakesh. It is considered one of the best authentic Moroccan restaurants in the city.

Riad Kniza offers a special and varied menu, where guests can taste the finest Moroccan cuisine, including a selection of Moroccan dishes, a variety of delicious Moroccan sweets, local coffee, and the well-known Moroccan mint tea.

Aside from the delicious dining experience, Riad Kniza guests enjoy the opportunity to participate in cooking workshops, where the chef shares with guests the secrets of the Moroccan cuisine.

2. Le Jardin | The Garden Restaurant

Le Jardin\The Garden Restaurant

This charming restaurant, Le Jardin, is located in the alley of the old Medina, in a wonderful historical building, and provides a touch of elegance and luxury to visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Marrakech.

Le Jardin Restaurant is part of a palace that dates back to the 17th century, and it was built around a large central courtyard and features a beautiful mix of traditional and modern Moroccan designs.

The menu features authentic Moroccan dishes and French cuisine, while the dining room offers a great dining experience with a great atmosphere and design.

3. Gastro MK Restaurant

Gastro MK Restaurant

The luxurious Gastro Mk Restaurant is located inside the famous Mk Maison hotel, and it is committed to the hotel's values ​​of customer care, featuring advanced innovation and artistic creativity, and French and Moroccan cuisines.

An evening here starts with rosé or fresh-pressed juice on the rooftop terrace as the sun goes down—and the evening call to prayer hums in the distance—then migrates downstairs to one of a network of connected semi-private dining rooms. The menu leans heavily on Moroccan flavors—cumin, root vegetables, agrodolce sauces—but dishes, like a platter of spiced lamb two ways, have a touch of uncommon sprezzatura.

4. Bo-Zin Restaurant

Bo-Zin Restaurant

The embodiment of Marrakech nightlife, Bo-Zin does champagne- and DJ-fueled nightlife as well as anyone, without the cheese factor you’ll find at other massive indoor-outdoor venues that have popped up outside the Medina. You’re here as much for the scene—Palm Springs meets the easyJet set—as the food, with a menu that tilts Thai, with noodles and dim sum among the choices. In cooler months, the garden’s the place to be, but in the heat of summer, opt for a table in the mist-cooled pergola.

With a classic design and trendy decor that allow visitors to enjoy a tranquil environment, guests of the Bo-zin restaurant can enjoy a menu filled with a selection of Moroccan dishes with international touches, such as lobster salad with Thai mayonnaise; caramel black cod served with rice, or the famous Tagine, all accompanied by local sweets.

5. Clock Cafe

Clock Cafe Marrakech

Clock Cafe has two different locations, one in Fes and the other in Marrakech. Clock Cafe in Marrakech features an inviting atmosphere, an impressive terrace, and amazing decor.

Guests of the Cafe can enjoy delicious breakfast menu items such as scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes and pancakes with Caramelized bananas. Clock Cafe also serves lunch and dinner.

In addition to its unique menu, the Cafe also hosts special programs during the week such as Wednesday's concerts, traditional Moroccan storytellers on Thursday, and a variety of other cultural events.

6. Comptoir Darna Restaurant

Comptoir Darna is an important nightlife attraction in Marrakech, which has arrived on the scene in 1999. It proposes a perfect fusion between the orient and the occident. It is the place in the red city where every night is party night.

This restaurant offers its visitors an elegant Moroccan dining experience worth discovering, as guests are welcomed to enjoy traditional Moroccan music programs in a magical atmosphere that combines tradition and originality.

Comptoir Darna is considered a destination for high-level celebrities and businessmen in Marrakech. it offers authentic and traditional Moroccan dishes such as kofta Tagine, the famous Moroccan couscous, and a selection of local and international sweets.

7. Kasbah Cafe

Kasbah Cafe  Marrakech

With its open terrace overlooking the ancient Medina and the historical site of Saadian Tombs, the Kasbah Cafe is a unique place in Marrakech that devotes to its guests a global and local culinary experience in a beautiful traditional setting with the wonderful Andalusian art and decor.

Kasbah Cafe offers the Moroccan hospitality, impeccable service and perfect combination of local and international cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. They serve lunch, dinner, and a varied selection of fruit juices and drinks to enjoy at any time.

8. Dar Cherifa | The house of Cherifa Restaurant

Dar Cherifa Restaurant

Hidden in the depths of the city's secret alleys about ten minutes from the main square in Marrakech, this place is a quiet little gem, located in an old Riad with small tables in the courtyard around a fountain scattered in the form of a rose. only found by the discerning and curious visitors, where history is recorded in the delicate tracery of the stucco and skillfully carved wood.

Since its renaissance in 2000 under the direction of Marrakech Riads, Dar Cherifa has established itself as a key venue for art, culture, seminars, communication and international exchange. Between exhibitions or concerts, the simple but refined decor of Dar Cherifa provides the perfect setting for a delicious snack or meal. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of this luminous and charming property creates the illusion of being far from the hustle and bustle of the souks, when in fact they are very nearby. Every visitor to this oasis of calm is heard to comment upon it’s unique atmosphere of peace and serenity.

The reference of Moroccan culture immediately implies Moroccan cuisine, and what a more beguiling setting than this pure and refined interior for sampling a cuisine abounding in cultural exchange; a subtle blend of sweet and sour, the inheritance of Berber, Jewish and Arab-Andalusian influences.

9. Dar Moha | The house of Moha Restaurant

Dar Moha Restaurant

Moha set up his restaurant in this splendid turn-of-the-century Riad in Marrakesh, once owned by famous couturier Pierre Balmain. Marvel at the pool's wonderful mosaic tiles in the garden, among the trees and flowers. Indoors, the patio is surrounded by several small rooms. This is the place for Moroccan inventive cuisine ! Light and subtle with remarkable creativity.

Dar Moha is one of the best places in the city to experience the “new Moroccan cuisine”, which represents a reinvention of classic culinary art where the basic flavors of Moroccan cooking are intertwined with innovative techniques and modern cooking methods.

The restaurant is managed by Mohamed Vidal, who has transformed this beautiful Riad into an idyllic dining space where guests enjoy the splendor of the charming atmosphere and a variety of authentic Moroccan dishes.

10. Le Grand Cafe de la Poste

Cafe De La Poste

Dating back to the twentieth century, Le Grand Cafe de la Poste mixes the development of Morocco in the colonial era and modern trends. After being closed for twelve years, it was taken up in 2005 by a French group who also own the Bo-zin in Marrakech.

The Interior design of the Grand Cafe de la Poste allows visitors to discover the eternal Moroccan style that combines the bistro spirit of the last century, wooden chairs studded in copper, marble countertop, natural leather banquettes, huge black and white checkerboard floor tiles.

In the evening, the chic brasserie atmosphere becomes more intimate with soft lighting, white table cloths, music with exotic Eastern accents mixed with Jazz and dinner served by candlelight …

The menu is enriched with seasonal propositions on a weekly basis. The Grand Cafe de la Poste’s menu like a renowned Parisian brasserie. It consists of the best of French gastronomy, generous and beautifully prepared traditional and regional dishes.