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Top 2 neighborhoods to stay in Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco attracts millions of visitors each year, and it is Marrakech the city most visited by international tourists. And for good reasons: sun all year round, a breathtaking historical heritage, an incredible cultural wealth, etc...

Like all major cities in Morocco, Marrakech has its old city, also known as the Medina. The new districts, including Guéliz, built under the French protectorate, are nearby. The Hivernage is the district where luxury and splendor attract wealthy tourists. Between the quest for authenticity, an "exotic" change of scenery at the gates of the Sahara, and western life in upmarket districts, Marrakech has several showcases to offer its visitors. Hotels, youth hostels, studios, riads, apartments, villas, residences… finding accommodation in Marrakech will not be difficult.

Find out in which neighborhood to rent accommodation in Marrakech, this thousand-year-old city where the past meets the present, to the delight of the eyes.

The Medina

Al-mamounia marrakech medina

The medina that will soon be a millennium, was founded in 1071 by the Berber Empire of the Almoravids. The majority of monuments, museums and accommodation solutions are concentrated in the Medina. If it is the historic district of Marrakech, it is also the most touristic: despite significant social differences - wealthy tourists come to fill their cameras in front of the local population, much less affluent -, one will necessarily accost you to show you around the Medina (for a few dirhams of course) or to sell you a thousand and one things.

marrakech souks

The Medina is a city within the city, an endless maze of alleys, small souks, small squares, dead ends, mosques, madrassa - secular or religious school in Arabic - and riads: a labyrinth that it is also named bazaar in the West. Staying in this neighborhood allows you to be close to everything.

medina marrakech

Gueliz District

Gueliz District marrakech

Built by the French during the protectorate imposed by the French colonial empire, from 1912, the Gueliz is the modern western quarter of Marrakech. It wants to be more progressive than the other districts of the Medina, but it is also less charming. In this area, bars, restaurants, large commercial and hotel brands are available.

Do not miss the colorful botanical garden and the Berber Museum. The district, populated by the Moroccan middle class, is less turbulent than the old city. If you are looking to stay in peace, choose to book an apartment, hotel or hostel in this area.

More photos of the medina

medina souks marrakech
medina marrakech
medina marrakech
medina marrakech
medina marrakech