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Top 3 neighborhoods to stay in Casablanca, Morocco

Largest city in the Maghreb by population, Casablanca - ad-Dār al-Bayḍā in Arabic - is home to 3,359,818 inhabitants and is located in west-central Morocco, on its Atlantic flank. The economic capital of the country, the city has a very rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage, like the Hassan II mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world. With its Mediterranean climate with ocean influences, Casablanca has an ideal climate and attracts millions of visitors.The Casablanca accommodation offer is vast, and ranges from housing ( hotel, riad) upscale to the more modest villas. In recent years, however, rents have skyrocketed: housing in Casablanca can therefore be expensive depending on the district targeted.

1. The center of the city

casablanca center

There are several "centers" in Casablanca. Thus, the Maârif, Gauthier, Racine and Palmiers districts can each be considered to be the city center. Maârif stands out as the favorite place to go out for young Casablancans and you will mainly find luxury residences where to sleep in Casablanca. Maârif is located behind the Twins Center and offers a unique blend of high-end buildings, chic restaurants and cafes adjacent to countless stores and major shops.

casablanca center morocco

In the Gauthier district, there are a plethora of bars and restaurants serving Moroccan and international cuisine, between Place de la Fraternité and Rond-Point Mermoz. In Gauthier, you are not far from the old Medina and Sour Jdid, where you can see the very famous Hassan II Mosque overlooking the ocean. A very central area for touring the city, and an ideal choice where to stay in Casablanca.

2. Anfa district

casablanca anfa morocco

Anfa is the old name of the city, which literally means "hill", which would have been founded by the Romans but this Roman foundation is not unanimous among historians and archaeologists. Anfa is located near the ledge and is crossed by Boulevard Driss Slaoui, Boulevard de l'Océan Pacifique, Boulevard du Lido, Boulevard Kennedy and Avenue de Nice: busy areas, very busy. It is the most upscale district of Casablanca, where we meet the golden youth of Casablanca, many luxurious palaces, hotels, pubs and nightclubs - ideal for meeting young people. It’s one of the nicest places to stay in Casablanca.

3. Aïn Diab district

ain diab casablanca morocco

Looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, the Aïn Diab district adjoins Anfa and overlooks the Corniche. It’s a very touristy area that always attracts more visitors. You will find a multitude of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and villas with swimming pools, as well as the second largest shopping center in Africa: the Morocco Mall, with its million-liter aquarium and 200,000 m² of commercial windows. Via Avenue de Nice, reach the Burgundy and Racine districts: a central location to stay in Casablanca.