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Top 4 neighborhoods to stay in Rabat, Morocco

Fancy a little trip to the Moroccan capital? If you do not know where to stay in Rabat during your stay, we have put together a small selection of our favorite neighborhoods!

A coastal city whose coastline stretches almost 60 kilometers, Rabat benefits from a unique historical heritage, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its rocky coves, sandy beaches and colorful alleys make it a city much appreciated by tourists. Note, it is also one of the four imperial cities of Morocco (Fez, Marrakech and Meknes are the other three). Sleeping in Rabat for a few days should please you, as this city is attractive and rich in history.

Find an accommodation near the Kasbah of Oudaya

Former military camp built in the 12th century, the Kasbah of the Oudaya is a must see in Rabat. Today a sort of "a village within the city", this district will enchant you with the beauty of its alleys entirely painted in blue and white. The inhabitants maintain their houses there remarkably well, which makes it a very clean and flowery district. You enter it via the majestic Bab El Kebir gate, whose Andalusian influence is instantly noticed. If you want to stay in Rabat in a relatively cool area, this district has the advantage of having narrow, well-shaded alleys. Right next door, take the opportunity to stroll along the large beach of Rabat ... And admire the view!

Find an accommodation near Rue des Consuls souk

The rue des consuls is near the Kasbah of Oudaya. It is home to the artisanal souk in Rabat and extends over more than a kilometer. Renovated a few years ago, it is now very pleasant to explore, especially if you want to bring back local souvenirs! In this souk, you will find traditional objects of the country such as silver jewelry, pottery or even beautiful carpets. Of course, don't forget to haggle, the golden rule of commerce in Morocco!

Find an accommodation near the medina

Do you want to sleep in Rabat in typical Moroccan accommodation? The medina district is the one to choose! Here, magnificent riads and mansions will seduce you with their crazy charm, especially if you are traveling as a couple.

Find an accommodation near The Hassan district

The Hassan district is located north of the city of Rabat. It is home to several historic monuments and is ideally located since it is close to the medina. If you prefer to explore the city on foot, choose this area to stay in Rabat. You can see among others the Royal Palace, the Mohammed V Mausoleum, and the Hassan Tower. Undoubtedly the most famous monument in the city, this Tower gives a very good overview of traditional Moroccan architecture. The rather popular Hassan district is full of affordable hotels, cafes and local restaurants.

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