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Top 4 reasons why you should visit Erg Zahar in the Moroccan Sahara

Beyond the Draa Valley lies Erg Zahar, one of the regions where the Sahara reveals all its magnificence. This area is indeed one of the best addresses you can have for trekking in Morocco. Ranging from palm groves to dry wadis passing through the dunes, the decor is often changing and striking. Sometimes the journey can seem long and very tiring. Besides, it's normal when it comes to walking on sandy soil. But, at the end of your stay, you can look forward to an unforgettable hike. Find below reasons to schedule your next trek on Erg Zahar.

1. You can stroll in the village on foot or on the back of dromedaries

Erg Zahar in the Moroccon Sahara

Walking in the Moroccan desert on a camel trek can be a great way to create good memories. Indeed, a hike to Erg Zahar does not present any technical constraints. Generally, it is the pack camels that carry all your logistics. You will not have to carry loads. Thus, you can feel free for good moments of hiking in a charming landscape like that of the Drâa valley.

Walking through a village like Erg Zahar's can add a touch of happiness to your visit. Indeed, this region has a particular history that you can better discover with the Berbers who live there. They are generally open to questions, especially when the visitor is accompanied by a local camel driver.

2. You will see Kasbahs, ksours, ergs, oases and palm groves

Erg Zahar in the Moroccon Sahara

While traversing the valley of Drâa, you will find ksour everywhere. This is where nomadic hunters often leave their families to go hunting. You can also find old kasbahs which used to control the caravans to Soufin and Toubouctou.

Continuing your trekking in Erg Zahar, you will cross a succession of magnificent dunes. They are as splendid as the dunes of Berghoua. You can also find tamarisks there which provide white wood useful for heating. It is one of the most beautiful dunes in this valley. You can therefore spend a night there in a tent and take advantage of the calm that reigns there to release your worries.

3. You can buy semolina and take a Turkish bath

Erg Zahar in the Moroccon Sahara

Everyone at Erg Zahar is busy. While the men are hunting or working in the palm groves, the women are busy making semolina. This is what is happening throughout the Draa Valley. During your trekking in this region of Morocco, you will find several manufacturing points for this grainy flour. You can even take it home with little money.

At the end of your hike, you will certainly be covered in dust. A hammam will do you a lot of good. To do this, you will find establishments that offer steam rooms.

4. A trek in the Drâa valley

Erg Zahar in the Moroccon Sahara

Before disembarking in Morocco for a trekking in the Drâa valley, it is important to learn about the weather. Indeed, the sun shines there all year. The rains are quite rare and very violent when they occur. Furthermore, the temperature variations between nights (0 °) and days (30 °) are enormous. It is therefore advisable to prepare your suitcase accordingly for a good stay. This is all the more important since it will be necessary to spend all the nights of the journey under the beautiful moon in a bivouac installed at the foot of a dune.

Also remember that the wind blows strongly in the desert, and even very strong at times. This situation can cause eddies of sand. This is why it is recommended to have adequate clothing when leaving. Light shoes and flexible clothing are preferred.

You can schedule your trekking in the Drâa valley over any period. The pleasure will be almost the same. Note, however, that the ideal time is between May and October. During this period, the 4X4 circuits are adapted according to the heat. So you can explore Erg Zahar at dawn and take a break under the shade of a tamarisk if the sun gets too strong.