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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Asilah, Morocco

Asilah is a town on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, south of Tangier. Its old town, or medina, is enclosed by well-preserved 15th-century ramparts and gates, built by colonial Portuguese. The medina is an art hub, known for its murals and Moussem Culturel International d’Asilah, an annual festival. Venues include the exhibition space Centre de Hassan II Rencontres Internationales and early-20th-century Palais Raissouni.

1. It will turn your stay into a dream

asilah morocco

Asilah the beautiful, Asilah the pearl! Small quiet town located on the Atlantic coasts of Morocco, it attracts, seduces and enchants any soul who settles there. This ancient port city is known to be one of the most popular destinations in Morocco. The city is appreciated for its calm, its cleanliness and its splendid whitewashed houses enhanced with blue on the doors and walls. The magnificent seaside town offers you a landscape worthy of a postcard in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

2. You will discover its striking Medina

medina asilah

When Asilah's heart beats, it is its Medina that resonates. The ancient city of miraculous charm unites with Asilah to give it a subliminal look. Unmissable in this part of the region, it exhibits exceptional colorful dwellings. The city is bordered by ramparts and sports the Mediterranean style of Portuguese constructions. Painters, singers and sculptors woo it and have made it their muse. To come to Asilah without visiting the Medina would be to offend its splendor. Take a short walk, and you will discover all its attractive facets. Be sure to head to Borj al-Bahr to contemplate the captivating view of the sea. It's simply fascinating!

3. Its beaches are breathtaking

asilah beaches

A dream setting shaped by its soft, clean sand, turquoise waters, indolent waves suitable for swimming, the beaches of Asilah seem to emerge from a fairy tale. They give a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. What a spellbinding beauty! These magical beaches don't need a qualifier to magnify their splendor, but they deserve praise for their exquisite charm. They offer a desert atmosphere, relaxing and ideal for relaxation. The banks are remarkably attractive and they warmly welcome all tourists, local and foreign alike. Bask in it and you will reach the peak of relaxation. You will love these beaches!

4. Its church will surprise you pleasantly

Church of San Bartolome asilah

God has no religion, he rules only. The small church in the central square of Asilah is a marvelous illustration of this, as it brings together all the cultures of this splendid citadel. Piously erected on the fabulous Zellaka square, the chapel was baptized by Saint Bartholomew, whose name it bears. With its whitewashed facade, rounded windows and colorful stained glass, it appeals to all who go there. The church is singularly beautiful and has an allure that tends slightly towards that of a mosque.

5. You will be fascinated by its appearance

asilah street art

What a magical feeling to venture into the alleys of this admirable city! The sumptuous Asilah has not finished surprising you. In a breathtaking calm, it welcomes you with its many facets, sometimes queen of whiteness, sometimes capital of graffiti. Many artists are taking it by storm to get their inspiration. Come and discover its Streets art festival which transforms it into a huge open-air museum. You will also have the opportunity to contemplate its impressive marine cemetery. Take a walk in its bazaars and you will leave with arms full of souvenirs, that's for sure!