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Top 5 reasons why you should visit El-Jadida (Mazagan), Morocco

El Jadida or al-Jadida --with former names Cap Soleis, Portus Rutilis, Rusibis, Mazighen, al-Breyja, Mazagão, al-Mahdouma, and Mazagan-- is a port city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, located 100 km south of the city of Casablanca, in the province of El Jadida and the region of Casablanca-Settat.

1. Its elegance will leave you speechless

El-Jadida in Morocco

Amazing fortress-like city, Mazagan (El-Jadida) warmly opens its arms to you. City that embodies splendor, city that the Portuguese in their fear raised to hide from the Berbers, Mazagan today responds to the name of El Jadida. Immerse yourself in it and let yourself be carried away by its fascinating history. Here the scenery is at the rendezvous, because its attractions, its stud farms and its monuments will enhance your stay. You will stroll through its charming cobbled alleys while enjoying the impressive panoramas it offers. Difficult to turn your back on so much charm. Mazagan is phenomenal!

2. Its beaches are so relaxing

El-Jadida in Morocco

Sparkling thanks to their beautiful sunny landscapes, the beaches of Mazagan welcome you in a sensational setting! Caressed by waves that come to run aground on its banks like lovers at the feet of their sweethearts, they will set you up in a magical setting. Go for a walk on its clean sandy border or enjoy the friendly atmosphere that reigns there. Venture a few meters from the city and you will discover Sidi Bouzid beach, the star of the region's beaches. Indeed, it has repeatedly received the best score awarded to the beaches. Go there so the show is sensational!

3. Its garden will dazzle you

 Alamy Parc Mohammed V, El Jadida

When the sun reaches its zenith and the heat abounds, nothing like a ride under the cool shadows of the magnificent Mohamed V garden to relax. Located a few steps from the beach, it is one of the city's favorite places. Tourists meet there for moments of relaxation or to rest. Spacious and green, it will offer you captivating moments. You will find benches arranged here and there for those who wish to stop and contemplate the plaque erected in honor of King Mohamed VI. Concerts are organized there to the delight of onlookers.

4. Discover its impressive falconry

falconry el-jadida morocco

An immersion in the heart of the ancestral culture of Mazagan will make you discover one of its oldest traditions, falconry. Indeed, this fascinating activity dates from the Middle Ages. Falcons trained by master hands by the falconers were used by the lords of the province for their hunting party. You will be amazed when you see the agility and the ease with which these birds of prey hunt like dogs. You will live unforgettable moments in these places. Let yourself be embarked on this extraordinary experience, and you will be more than delighted. It’s simply exceptional!

5. There is its imposing lighthouse to discover

el jadida lighthouse morocco

Majestically raised above the city, the lighthouse of Sidi Bouafi towers over the city's maritime space with all its imposing size. A little aged by the aggressions of time, but still operational, the lighthouse illuminates, directs all those who sail to the Atlantic coasts of Morocco. At 67 meters in height, it has a greyish appearance and has a lighting power of 30,000 nautical miles, or around 35 km around. True witness to the fascinating history of El Jadida, it was built in 1916. Be sure to go to the foot of this exceptional monument, it is impressive!