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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Jebel Sirwa in Morocco

The Adrar Sirwa, also spelled Adrar Siroua, is a peak in the Anti-Atlas mountain range. It is an old stratovolcano that rises 3,304 metres above sea level.

1. It is a natural cathedral

With a sublime landscape made up of impressive heights, Jebel (Mountain in Arabic) Sirwa is an ancient volcanic massif of the famous Anti-Atlas. Reinforced by the scarce rain, numerous torrents and rivers have made this area a field of barley, wheat, almond and especially saffron, a popular spice. Its majestic rock formations, high plateaus and deep valleys have given it the status of a hiking temple. That's not all ! Jebel Sirwa also offers a very rich cultural and historical heritage. Accessible all year round with its mild climate.

2. This is the hiking stage

Jebel Sirwa in Morocco

Hiking is the main activity practiced in Jebel Sirwa. The environment lends itself perfectly to it. You will have two possibilities: the pedestrian and the equestrian. Generally spread over five stages, this journey will make you discover the very rich traditional Berber life. Your admiration will be at its peak at the sight of the Azaltic Needle Forest of Aziwane. No words can describe the grand spectacle that takes place there. Very long basalt columns will no doubt captivate you. The view is extraordinary, cameras are welcome. Don't hold back, treat yourself!

3. You will see exceptional monuments

Glaoui kasbah morocco

Far from being a constellation of clay and rock giants, Jebel Sirwa is home to historic treasures and architectural models! In Taliouine or in other regions of the region, you will see Glaoui kasbahs. These are buildings that stand out for their charming architecture and subtle decorations made up of lovely carved façades, lace and bricks. Go explore this fortress! There is also the possibility of visiting a small synagogue, that of Ighil n’Ogho. Simple and flamboyant, it is the perfect example of the secularism of the region and the country.

4. Ouarzazate will be a good plan for you

Ouarzazate morocco

The excursion to this city will only confirm the sensational impression felt at Sirwa through the Jebel and its winding paths. Known all over the world, the Todra gorges are fantastic! Its cliffs are the prey of many climbers. It looks nice ! Like day and night, the Todra oasis right next to the gorges is like a ribbon of greenery made up of bright-looking plants. With its clear and pleasant-tasting water, the Todra wadi is an essential point of the route. It feeds many irrigations intended for plantations.

5. You will discover Sirwa's life

Jebel Sirwa in Morocco

The culture of Saffron has made this region one of the most prosperous in Morocco! With luck, you can attend and participate in the harvest. In fact, from mid-October to mid-September, the peasants go out at dawn to get the night's flowers, prepare the saffron before drying it. The experience will have a special flavor! Still that you will live it in a Taliouine family. The Agadir are Sirwa’s other identity. They are actually fortified granaries with defensive and massive gaits. That of Ifrinadnine is unique, because it is dug in the rock. Let yourself be conquered by this adventure in the heart of the Atlas and one of its biggest points.