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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Rabat, Morocco

Rabat is the administrative capital of Morocco. It is one of the 4 imperial cities of the country with Fez, Marrakech, and Meknes. Its location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and at the mouth of the Bouregreg River gives it a very pleasant mild climate. Here 5 reasons that will encourage you to visit this beautiful Moroccan city.

1. You will remain fascinated by its enchanting elegance

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When the sun rises, Rabat emerges from its veil and exposes its splendor. Magnificent cosmopolitan city, it embodies a fine blend of antiquity, tradition and modernism. With the wind, its exotic neighborhoods with enchanting charm, its festive and friendly atmosphere, Rabat will surprise you pleasantly. The watchword here is distraction, contemplation and wonder. The beautiful citadel will offer you incredible moments to enhance your stay. Discover it! Through its lively alleys, feel the joy of life and get drunk on its bewitching fragrance. Rabat is just waiting to please you.

2. You will taste its renowned gastronomy with a thousand flavors

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Renowned worldwide, Moroccan cuisine occupies a privileged place in the universal culinary art. You will taste dishes rich in aromas, spices and fragrances. Dishes that have managed to flatter different taste buds and seduce gourmets. Did you know that Moroccan cuisine is an exquisite mix of sweet and savory? It combines the sweetness of fruits and seeds with the salty aromas of spicy meats and vegetables. You will take part in casual, traditional meals. You will be won over by couscous with 7 vegetables, which remains the most popular traditional dish among Rbattis!

3. You can visit its multitude of exciting museums

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It is a pleasure to admire the essential Medina! Built in the 17th century to accommodate refugees from Andalusia, it is now known for its Mellah (old Jewish quarter). It is full of all kinds of diverse shops. Also consider visiting the Ibn-Sina Park, commonly known as the Hilton Park. It is a place of relaxation with family or alone. You will discover the archaeological museum, the Mohammed VI museum of modern and contemporary art and the villa of the arts. It is a small establishment with exhibitions and many activities!

4. Because you will discover the fabulous Hassan tower

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Imposing, captivating and impressive, the Hassan tower proudly overlooks Golan Square. With its 44.3 meters in height, it was born from the grandiose dream of Sultan Yacoub El Mansour to build the largest mosque in the world. The tower represents one of the greatest Moroccan pride. Erected with red stones, it sports the style of palaces and religious constructions. You will discover its splendid beautifully carved facades. Venture to the minaret to contemplate the remains of the mockery. Here lie about 200 columns to support the building. Imagine what this wonder would be if it had been completed: breathtaking!

5. Because in Rabat there is something for everyone, all ages

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Surprising city with magical attractions, Rabat speaks for itself. Immerse yourself in this bright city and your stay will be filled with happiness. Here, boredom has no place, and you will soon realize it. So take its cobbled alleys by storm and you will have the opportunity to touch your finger on the most exciting attractions such as its magnificent medina, its central market with fragrant scents, its exotic gardens full of aesthetics and its impressive historic monuments. The charming Rabat will amaze you. Warning ! You will never want to leave it.