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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Tafraout, Morocco

Tafraout is a town in Tiznit Province, Souss-Massa region, Morocco, in the central part of the Anti-Atlas mountains. It had a population of 4,931 at the 2004 census.

1. It is a natural altar

Tafraoute, Morocco

With its Atlas, its opening on the big blue of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and its dunes of the Sahara, Morocco is a fascinating country with incredible charm! Tafraoute by its attractions constitutes the crowning of all this. This city is especially famous for its circus of pink granite rocks. Indeed Tafraoute is surrounded by a panoply of rocks with exceptional shapes in a lush greenery of palm groves, Argan trees, and olive trees. This backdrop is reinforced by very colorful adobe dwellings. Even the most beautiful images or photos cannot really describe the charm of Tafraoute!

2. You will paint there in the wilderness

Tafraoute, Morocco

Very favored by its position in the heart of the Anti-Atlas, Tafraoute offers an idyllic and special setting. Behind the village of Aguerd Oudad, you will find the site of painted rocks! Unique and breathtaking, it is located in the heart of a region enlivened by fig, argan and almond trees. This is where Jean Vérame masterfully painted blocks of granite. The spectacle is incredible and attracts more and more tourists. The calm, clean air and green hue of the place make it an ideal place to relax. So go and revel in Aoukmert with this rich cocktail of colors!

3. Ait-Mansour is an unforgettable experience

Ait-Mansour morocco

Ait Mansour is one of Tafraoute's flagship destinations. What good things to see! Black and red rocks intersect vertically under a blue sky. An impressive tourist loop is available. During this journey, you will cross Afella Ighir, Had Issi, Ti-Ouadou, Timguilcht, Tizerkine, Taghaout. All these villages compete in charm to seduce you. Many date palms strew the area and give it a special look. At the bottom of the canyon of Ait Mansour, you can contemplate a pretty palm grove crossed by a paved road, its play of light is striking. Do not sulk your pleasure especially!

4. You will be entitled to bewitching things

Tafraoute, Morocco

There is also history at Tafraoute. The site that best interprets it is the Tizourgane Kasbah. This remarkable eminence has everything to wow you! You will visit a house with charming and traditional architecture. This fabulous fortification with its Moroccan bedrooms and lounges will offer you a habitat of choice, and an unexpected opportunity to live in such an environment. The beautiful village of Tazeka is like good, it does not make any noise, but is very eye-catching with its almond fields, its ancient Douar perched atop granite rocks, and finally its rock engraving "La Gazelle" engraved there several centuries ago. Something to rave about!

5. Many interesting activities take place there

Tafraoute, Morocco

From December to March, many motorhomes come to take advantage of the fantastic setting of Tafraoute. They offer excellent entertainment! Babouches are made everywhere in Morocco, but Tafraoute's ones are unique! There is also a large market where you can get it, with jewelry stores. You will leave with many souvenirs! Don't hold back! Organized during the almond blossom from February to March, the almond festival rewrites the golden pages of an ancestral tradition. On the program, you will have conferences, workshops, a fair with local products, cultural activities and concerts.