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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is a fishing village on Morocco's Atlantic coast, north of the city of Agadir. It’s known for its surf beaches. Killer Point is a powerful point break. To the south, La Source is named for the fresh water that bubbles up from the rocks. Anchor Point has barrel waves. Cafes and surf shops line the main street. Inland, Paradise Valley, on the Tamraght River, is a palm-lined gorge with pools and waterfalls.

1. It has a unique natural setting

Taghazout, Morocco

In the south of Morocco stretches Taghazout Bay, which stands out for its exceptional natural setting. The area represents a seaside resort spread over 615 ha in front of a splendid coastal strip of approximately 5 km offering a breathtaking landscape. You will contemplate beaches of remarkable beauty. The site merges into the hills planted with argan trees and formidable dunes creating an authentic atmosphere. You will benefit from impressive hotels and tourist complexes. With the various sports facilities in place and the many existing leisure activities, you will only have a wonderful stay.

2. It is a sport destination by excellence

Taghazout surf morocco

Taghazout offers its visitors a rich and varied range of sport activities making the place a lively environment open to all enthusiasts. You will discover golf, surfing and tennis academies which will allow you to practice these sports in a friendly, peaceful environment equipped with international standards. Visitors as well as residents can also take advantage of the many nautical activities organized within the Beach Club. There is no shortage of hiking and mountain biking routes.

3. Explore the Medina

Medina of Taghazout, Morocco

The Medina of Taghazout represents the platform for shows and cultural events. It is punctuated by restaurants, cafes, shops, squares and galleries. You will therefore lack nothing! During the day, the area will serve as a real shopping destination. You will get art products as well as those of local and international crafts. The evening will open up to you as a fantastic entertainment center. During this time, you will enjoy a variety of activities, clubs and even shows. You can relax on a terrace while admiring the sunset or stroll around.

4. It is a leading golfing place

Taghazout gold morocco

On Taghazout, visitors will benefit from an 18-hole golf course. The site of this activity covers an area of ​​76 ha and a play area of ​​30 ha. With a slight altitude of 80 m above sea level, the area offers fascinating views of the Atlantic. Professionals in this sport will easily benefit from this course. Fans will take part in a training or initiation sessions.

5. Enjoy a diverse range of residences and soak up the local culture

Taghazout resort morocco

Taghazout offers a varied and quality residential complexes that meets the requirements and expectations of each visitor. You will be able to observe around 1600 units. They stand on heights with breathtaking views of the ocean, argan grove and golf course. The residences will be classified according to their architecture so that the place creates a beautiful setting. As rich in the mix of its attractions, the resort is home to hotels built near the sea or even backed by golf. During your stay, do not hesitate before taking part in the organized walks. The opportunity will allow you to visit the surrounding Berber villages and soak up the local culture.