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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Tangier, Morocco

Tangier, a Moroccan port on the Strait of Gibraltar, has been a strategic gateway between Africa and Europe since Phoenician times. Its whitewashed hillside medina is home to the Dar el Makhzen, a palace of the sultans that's now a museum of Moroccan artifacts. The American Legation Museum, also in the medina, documents early diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Morocco in an 1821 Moorish-style former consulate.

1. It will dazzle you with its magnificence

Tangier, Morocco

Brilliant by day, breathtaking at night, Tangier looks beautiful at any time. The fascinating city born from the exquisite blend of French wonders, North African splendor and Spanish gaiety opens its arms to you. Easy to access, it will give an epic twist to your stay. Tread its soil, feel its zest for life, but above all succumb to the charm of its fabulous architecture. Here there is no room for boredom, as the city is full of a host of exciting attractions for you to enjoy. Come and enjoy its sunny beaches, its festive entertainment and its impressive monuments. It will amaze you!

2. There is the fabulous Medina to discover

Tangier, Morocco

A gleam of irresistible beauty lifted with a touch of incredible joy, the essential Medina of Tangier shines in all its forms. Local and foreign tourists alike jostle at the gates of the beautiful city to revel in its blinding charm. The magnificence of the Medina is only discovered through an exciting pedestrian walk. Dive in and discover its splendid panoramas and its warm atmosphere. Unroll its magnificent alleys crowded with friendly merchants who, if you take a look at their products, fill you with joy by their smile. What happiness!

3. Its beaches are sensational

Tangier, Morocco

Beautiful and peaceful, the beaches of Tangier represent the corner of happiness of the small town. Imagine basking in a setting of captivating elegance. A decor sublimated by the enchanting turquoise color of the sea. This is what invites you to the charming beaches of Tangier. Places of absolute relaxation, pleasant and fun distractions, this stretch of soft and clean sand is loaded with aesthetics. So come under the generous sun to enjoy good tanning sessions and walks by the sea. Arm yourself with your swimsuits, sunscreen and bikini, the spectacle here is magnificent!

4. The cave of Hercules will leave you speechless

Tangier the cave of Hercules

Overflowing with magical charm, the cave of Hercules fascinates all those who venture there with its moving history. You will find it, this magnificent natural cave, a stone's throw from the citadel. The cave takes its fame from Hercules the son of Zeus, god of Greek mythology. Indeed, Hercules would have rested in this cave after having killed a hundred-headed dragon to grab the fruit guaranteeing immortality during his eleventh work. Enter it, its interior will dazzle you. Lights fixed to the floor give it a soft and romantic look. You will discover remarkable ancient stones carefully piled up. Contemplate it for a long time, it deserves it!

5. You will discover the Grand Socco

the Grand Socco tangier morocco

By a beautiful walk under the beautiful sun in the splendid alleys of the citadel, you will pleasantly fall on its most animated places. The appetizing smell of spices, the displays in multiple colors, all in a warm atmosphere, these are the elements that characterize the Grand Socco. This legendary market in the region makes the heart of Tangier beat to the rhythm of its busy days. Indeed, it is in these places that King Mohamed V made his speech on April 9, 1947. Browse its bazaars, and you will leave with arms full of souvenirs. Take a look, you won't regret it!