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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Taroudant, Morocco

Taroudant is a city in the Sous Valley in southern Morocco. It is situated east of Agadir on the road to Ouarzazate and the Sahara desert and south of Marrakesh. The town is known as the "Grandmother of Marrakesh" because it looks like a smaller Marrakesh with its surrounding ramparts.

1. It is a facade of national history

Taroudant, Morocco

In the heart of the plain of Souss, and surrounded by the immense Atlas, a well-known massif, Taroudant is a tourist pearl! Its comparison with the sumptuous Marrakech is not trivial in view of its unusual ornaments. Unique natural setting, concert of granite rocks, and historic monuments of choice are part of the menu that is concocted for you. It is its ramparts which announce the colors to visitors. 7.5 km long, they include nearly 130 towers and 19 corner bastions that make it an impregnable citadel. But for you, it will allow itself to be traversed in every nook and cranny through these five imposing doors!

2. You will discover the world of the Souks

Taroudant, Morocco

Trademarks of certain Arab societies, the Souks are unique experiences to be lived at any cost when the opportunity arises. Taroudant will offer you this opportunity! In reality, these are popular markets that come alive. The craft souk is held between Assarag and Talmoklate. Nearly 1,000 sellers will offer slippers, leathers, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, carpets and other crafts. At the level of the Berber souk, you will be able to buy foodstuffs, fabrics, crockery, toys, lighting. Enough to fill your suitcases!

3. Tioute will seduce you

Taroudant, Morocco

Taroudant is only the visible part of the wealth of the Souss region. With its lush greenery, Tioute will make you discover life in a desert paradise. In the shade of its lovely 20,000-foot palm grove, you can take mule rides. Two basins have been built in this area. One to cool you off in hot weather, and the other to keep you cool. You will feel like you are living a dream! Tioute is also a crossroads of history with its charming Kasbah which, even in ruins, offers a very beautiful silhouette. With the mausoleum of Sidi Abdel-Kader, this emblematic residence will keep you going!

4. You will have lots of options

Taroudant, Morocco

From Taroudant fabulous excursions will be possible. Start with the formidable city of Tiznit which is distinguished by its Sudanese style minaret in bright pink color. It is especially famous for its site of rock paintings at Tazeka and its lush valleys of Ait Mansour. So this is a clever mix of art, history and nature that you will find in Tiznit. It is worth the detour! The locality of Taliouine is recognized for its "Saffron". You will be able to appreciate the impressive cultures. Do not stop on such a good way! Continue to other villages like Amtoudi, and Siroua for even more natural exuberance!

5. It is the door to paradise

agadir beach morocco

After all your journeys, enter the splendor of the irresistible Agadir! Since you are already in Taroudant, go to this captivating tourist center. There are lots of things to see starting with the very eye-catching coast! Do not hold back, put on your swimsuits and enjoy the turquoise waters that wet your feet as a welcome. You can visit in this city the valley of the birds, the Crocoparc of Agadir, the mosque Mohamed V on the avenue of president Kennedy, the garden of Portugal, the Marina, as well as many souks. Visiting Taroudant is like going to conquer the hidden treasures of Morocco!