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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Tetouan, Morocco

Tetouan, nicknamed the White Dove, is a city located in northern Morocco. It lies along the Martil Valley and is one of the two major ports of Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea, a few miles south of the Strait of Gibraltar, and about 60 km E.S.E. of Tangier.

1. It is a historic center

Tetouan Morocco

Located a stone's throw from the Mediterranean and the Rif mountains, Tetouan, one of the most important port cities in Morocco, has everything to please you! Natural, historical and symbolic sites rub shoulders and give this lively city of popular joy a certain charm! Its jewel is the Medina! Located on the steep slopes of Jebel Dersa, it stands out for its 5 km long wall and its seven entrance doors. You will find pretty houses with Muslim architecture, lovely streets, monuments of public interest called fondouks, mosques, Zaouias and neighborhoods dedicated to artisans.

2. It has lots of remarkable sites

Tetouan Morocco

The charming Tetouan will fascinate you with its many monuments and historic squares! It is strongly advised to start with Moulay El Mehdi square or “Placa Primo”. Sumptuous, it is a very remarkable place with especially its fabulous fountain with variable water games that will seduce you in the evening. The Palacio Real is one of the palaces of King Mohammed VI who loves the summer climate of Tetouan. It is a very beautiful architectural example with the added bonus of Place of Mechouar. Take a tour to admire the palace's ironwork. Be sure to walk along Mohamed VI Avenue, Hassan II Square, and many others.

3) A historic-tourist city par excellence

Tetouan Centre of Modern Art

Tetouan has many museums as rich as each other. Start with the archaeological museum of Tetouan! It is the memory of the city, as it houses collections of local history from prehistoric times to the Islamic era. At the ethnographic museum, the spectacle is just as grand! You will know everything about the ancestral traditions of Tetouan. On the first level you will find elements on the wedding rituals, clothes of the bride and groom, room decorations and instruments. If you like contemporary art, go to the Tetouan Museum of Modern Art.

4. Astonishing religious buildings

Marrakech Medina

With a predominantly Muslim population, Tetouan is home to several mosques and buildings of other religions. The largest remains the Hassan II mosque. Located in the western part of Ensanche, it is the pride of the area! Its minaret is distinguished by its small windows and its geometric weavings in bricks and green ceramics. Its enclosure is characterized by acute and multi-lobed arches. You will like ! The Saidi mosque is just as captivating with its imperial architecture. This city also includes Jews and Christians. Also visit the church of Bacturia which is very attractive.

5. It is simply adorable

tetouan morocco

Tetouan will undoubtedly mark you! To taste its legendary hospitality, go to the Souks! These are popular markets that are organized in the city. You will leave with many souvenirs, articles. In this city, music lovers will revel in Andalusian music and rural Taqtouqa music. The culinary art is also very developed with the local specialty La Pastilla tetouanaise. Your taste buds will feast on good chicken meat. Many festivals take place in Tetouan. These are the international festivals of Mediterranean cinema, lute, comics, and "the voice of women". Tetouan is a city full of life, which according to some is magic.