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Top 5 reasons why you should visit the Gorges of Dades in Morocco

The Dadès Gorges are a series of rugged wadi gorges carved out by the Dadès River in Morocco. The river originates in the High Atlas range of the Atlas mountains, flowing some 350 kilometers southwest before joining the Draa River at the edge of the Sahara.

1. The site is spectacular

the gorges of Dades in Morocco

The Dades gorges represent a magnificent mountain range offering visitors a surprising spectacle of extraordinary landscapes. They are an ideal place for hikers, camping, picnics and above all they offer several magical observation points. Existing several million years ago, its gorges are formed by sedimentary rocks. You will see vertiginous cliffs up to 500 m high. The wonderful gorges are best known for their breathtaking panoramas. Besides its natural beauty, you will also admire several houses and fantastic populations. You will be won over!

2. The site shelters various series of interesting gorges

the gorges of Dades in Morocco

The fantastic site is home to several series of gorges. You will see valleys 300 m deep in ocher color. They are very attractive by their splendor. You will soon notice a second and then a third series of pitons of different colors and higher altitudes. Some of its hollows are crossed by narrow basins several kilometers long. These gorges are all spellbinding. It looked like they were competing to elect the most beautiful. You will hold your breath when your eyes land on its resplendent mountains.

3. Several activities are available there

the gorges of Dades in Morocco

The Dades gorges will offer you thrilling relaxation activities. You won’t have a minute to be bored as you’ll be busy climbing or climbing the lavish mountains. Your hike will allow you to discover amazing caves like that of Torgha or the famous monkey fingers. You will discover mountains as exciting as they are grandiose. Do not miss the best places where you will take beautiful photos to immortalize your passage in the Dadès valley. You know what you have to do! Do not hesitate any more!

4. You will meet nomadic peoples

the gorges of Dades in Morocco

During your hike in the fabulous mountains, you will discover some nomads. They often move with their herd. They are very friendly and go from region to region for their business. You can buy them memorable souvenir gifts for you and your friends. They move all the time with their goods on donkeys or camels. You can do great deals like buying incense or jewelry for a few coins. One thing is certain, you will appreciate them!

5. The excursions will allow you to discover the valley

the gorges of Dades in Morocco

Field of wheat, barley, alfalfa as far as the eye can see, pleasant scents of flowers are some expressions to translate the splendor of the Dades valley. You will see several varieties of landscapes. The valley is a place rich in color. Under a magnificent purely blue sky, you will enjoy each of the attractions of this radiant place. You will stay in one of its luxury 5-star hotels, you will take part in the sensational excursions organized there. Sip cocktails all day long on pretty terraces playing with the sun's rays. You will not soon forget its memories!