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Top 5 reasons why you should visit the Moroccan Sahara

1. It is the largest hot desert in the world

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The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. The rains are very light and the level of sunshine very high. However, if you intend to go there, do not forget the sweaters because the thermal amplitude is very large: it is extremely hot during the day (up to 55 ° C) and much colder the overnight (up to 0 ° C). These climatic conditions limit the fauna and flora which are quite poor. Its vastness makes its landscapes rich and varied: from the sandy desert to the ergs.

2. Discover nomadism

morocco sahara

A trip to the Sahara is an opportunity to soak up local habits for an escape in a 4 × 4 or by camel. Many agencies offer this type of excursion to discover the magnificent ocher yellow expanses. Tranquility, change of scenery and even surpassing oneself are there for the more adventurous who venture into long treks on the dunes of the Sahara. If you are fortunate enough to have a good guide, do not hesitate to ask questions about nomadic culture, which is in the process of being destroyed due to global warming which is drying up traditional wells.

3. Taste the local specialties

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Of course, the Berber couscous, the tagine or even the camel skewers are the essential dishes of the countries that the Sahara crosses. However, if you venture deeper into the desert, the culinary specialties are simpler and consist of bread and meat, the basic elements of the Saharan meal. For example, the Tuareg meal in Niger is generally made up of targui mutton and semolina bread baked in the sand. Of course, as a drink, you will be entitled to a tea, the best refreshment there is! The body, whose temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, uses evaporation to evacuate the heat present on the surface of the skin and thus, to cool the interior of the body.

4. Admire unforgettable landscapes

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The Sahara is very vast and the landscapes are multiple. Among them, in Algeria, you can discover the great western erg, an exceptional site where the orange-pink dunes and dates make tourists happy. The Hoggar is also an unmissable place, especially for those who love photographers who love the sunsets: an unforgettable lunar landscape! Also famous for its dates, the Moroccan Draa Valley has given birth to an exceptional oasis of palm and olive trees. Don't miss it! Finally, know that the Libyan desert is the most arid region of the Sahara and that it attracts the most daring.

5. Have the chance to see a mirage

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The same mirage can be seen by several people and even be photographed, which differs from an hallucination. But what is it due to? It’s actually a light phenomenon. While light rays normally form a straight line, they bend as a function of heat. Thus, in the desert, where the temperatures vary enormously between the ground and a meter in height, the air forms several layers to which the light must constantly adapt. It is under these conditions that the mirage appears. Chott el Djerid is a Tunisian salt lake that stretches over 100 km and known to be the lake of mirages. If you are lucky enough to go to this blinding salt expanse, pay attention to the mirages that could arise!