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Top 5 reasons why you should visit the Roses Valley (Qalaat MGouna) in Morocco

Qalaat MGouna or Tighremt NImgunen is a city in Tinghir Province, Dra-Tafilalt, Morocco. According to the 2004 census it has a population of 14,190. This town constitutes an economic and social center for the region, for its very animated nature.

1. It is an enchanting environment

Kelaat M’Gouna, roses valley morocco

Imagine a place where life is beautiful, a setting where the sun floods and pierces everything with its soft light. The rose floats there and mesmerizes with its blinding splendor. The climate is pleasant, and the captured images look like postcards. This site, this decor has a name: the valley of roses. Located in south-eastern Morocco, this valley takes its name from the roses grown there. Come and discover the magnificent and unspoiled landscapes which surround it, the singular villages which surround it as well as the splendid gorges as far as the eye can see.

2. It is a source of inspiration

Kelaat M’Gouna, roses valley morocco

In both fall and spring, the rose blossoms and its fragrance sets the valley's atmosphere ablaze, attracting artists who are just waiting to breathe it in to give free rein to their inspirations. Bright colors, fragrant scents, the omnipresence of water, the hiker poet will not ask for more to write verses. Come live live this exceptional show. The valley rises with the round rocks of Imassine to slowly ascend the M’Goun river. Throughout your immersion in this fairytale landscape, you will be accompanied by mules and you will get to know the Mgouna tribes.

3. You will discover the Tourbist ksar

Kelaat M’Gouna, roses valley morocco

The path to the valley of roses seems to be dotted with treasures. You just have to get started to realize it. Perched on the shore of the Asif M’Goun river, the Tourbist ksar is a setting that will force you to make a stop. To get there, you will first have to pass through the small hamlets of Agoutzi and Tigharmatine, before arriving on a road leading to this jewel. Also stroll through its narrow alleys, sometimes topped with impressive covered passageways to admire its adobe houses built close to each other. You will love visiting this typical village of Berber architecture, for sure!

4. There are many tourist sites to discover in its surroundings

Kelaat M’Gouna, roses valley morocco

If the expanses of roses have embellished your stay, know that the valley of roses has not finished surprising you. Its position favors the discovery of many other sites through excursions. Accompanied by a seasoned guide, depart from the villages of Hadida and Bou Tharar and reach sites of critical importance. Among other things, you can access the summit of Ighil M’Goun, explore the gorges of Agouti, Aitmrou, or the famous Dades and Todra gorges. Each of these sites will show you its beauty.

5. You will enjoy the warm atmosphere of its local market

Kelaat M’Gouna, roses valley morocco

Each week in the village of Kelaat M’Gouna, the local market in the valley comes alive and offers both locals and visitors a very warm atmosphere. More than a weekly meeting, it is a crossroads where the different producers of the region meet to sell their goods. You will find handcrafted products, foodstuffs, and of course bouquets of roses. The prices are more than affordable, so it's the perfect place to shop and buy souvenirs from the trip. Take advantage of it!