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Top 5 reasons why you should visit Tizi-n-Test in Morocco

Tizi-n-Test is a small pass in the High Atlas mountains. A road crosses the pass, connecting Marrakech and Taroudannt. The pass is at 2,093 metres, where a commemorative plaque certifies that the road was laid between 1926 and 1932. The road connects Asni, Ouirgane, Talaat-n-Yacoub and Tin-Mal.

1. It is beyond reality

Tizi-n-Test in Morocco

Perched at an altitude of over 2,000 meters, the Tizi-n-T pass is a unique experience that you will only live in Morocco and which will remind you of how beautiful and exuberant nature is! Located in the heart of the province of Souss-Massa, this narrow road, crossing in its splendor the Atlas massif, will lead you to the heart of green landscapes and rich regions like Asni and Ouirgane. It will make you contemplate valleys, waterfalls, breathtaking panoramas, historic monuments and small pretty villages. Want to sail through the mountains, choose Tizi-n-Test, you will enjoy it!

2. It offers a captivating flight

Tizi-n-Test in Morocco

This route is the ideal line for unforgettable hikes! Connecting superb regions, the S501 road will take you to Tahanaoute before making you taste the delights of Moulay Ibrahim. The gorges are spectacular in this area. Moulay Ibrahim is the favorite weekend break for tourists due to its many small hotels and restaurants. It is invaded from June to September, because people come there to admire the sanctuary of Moulay Ibrahim with its green tiled roof. It is known for solving women's fertility problems, and many believers ask for favors. The atmosphere is guaranteed!

3. Ouirgane is splendid

Ouirgane resort morocco

Ouirgane is a great resort on the Tizi-n-Test pass! It is a pleasant village drowned in the greenery and which is a perfect stopover to savor delicious dishes of wild boar! Boar yes! It’s the local specialty. Oued Nfiss and its transparent waters will keep you company. Some beautiful abandoned Kasbahs, but looking like truly impregnable fortresses, are worth visiting. The building that attracts all lusts remains the fortified mosque of Tin Mal. It is one of the few mosques that non-Muslims can enter. Its magnificent architecture with two naves and three spans, with richly decorated capitals. It is very beautiful!

4. You will visit the beautiful Taroudant

Taroudant morocco

Surrounded by sumptuous fawn-colored ramparts, ingeniously made, Taroudant is known for its irresistible craftsmanship and its Berber silver jewelry! Tizi-n-Test is the main route to get there. These souks will seduce you when you arrive. Sculptures, articles of all kinds, and especially slippers will gladly be offered to you for outstanding memories. Outside the city walls, you must go and appreciate the dazzling greenery of the palm grove of Tioute and its oasis, real places of relaxation that will stand in your way. Do not miss to see Agadir the beautiful, which will introduce you to the idyllic side of Morocco.

5. It offers you dream excursions

Jebel Siroua Morocco

Tizi-n-Test is the kind of trip you've always dreamed of! You will be able to taste the Moroccan magic, try to do the Quad, a sporting option to better appreciate the beauty of this pass. Thrills are guaranteed. Discover in depth the riches of the Atlas. You also have the choice to go to Talionine, a small village of 1060 m which will be the starting point of your hike to Jebel Siroua, a volcanic massif. There is a beautiful fortress, that of Glaoui. Tizi-n-Test is the magic reflection of Morocco! Enjoy the setting.