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Top 5 shopping centers and Malls in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is one of the most attractive shopping destinations for Moroccan and foreign tourists as well, as it includes a large number of malls and popular markets (Souks). Next, we will list the best shopping centers and malls in Marrakech that offer a unique and amazing shopping experience.

1. Carre Eden

Carre Eden Marrakech

Carre Eden Shopping Center contains 80 shopping stores, from clothing stores, beauty and accessories stores, to home decor and electrical appliances. Carre Eden also contain several restaurants and cafes, in addition to a Carrefour supermarket, a hotel, a residential complex, and a parking lot for 700 cars.

2. Marrakech Plaza Mall

Marrakech Plaza Mall

Marrakech Plaza is the beating heart of Marrakech and the commercial and urban aspect of it. Marrakech Plaza Mall is located in the heart of the Gueliz district, and it contains many brand stores like Zara and Lacoste, in addition to the presence of many restaurants and cafes on site.

3. Menara Mall


Al-Manara or Menara mall is located at the intersection of Mohammed VI Street and Bab Al-Jadeed Street, and it is one of the most luxurious shopping centers in Marrakech. It contains the Movenpick Hotel, a world-class fitness club, a playground, children's playgrounds, a bowling alley, and a movie theater, in addition to International brands stores.

4. Marjane Menara Square

Marjane Menara Square

Marjane Square Menara is a shopping center located next to the hypermarket of the same name which offers around thirty different brands: Etam, Celio, Springfield, Orchestra, Kitea, and Electro Planet, in addition to several restaurants and Cafes. A parking lot with 700 spaces is also available.

5. AL-MAZAR Commercial Center

AL-MAZAR Commercial Center

Al-Mazar is one of the newest shopping centers in Marrakech, located in the heart of the Agdal region near the lighthouse (Menara) and on the way to Ourika. Al-Mazar center features many famous brands, the famous Carrefour hypermarket, and contains several international restaurants and cafes . The parking lot contains 1200 parking spaces for cars including a basement.