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Top 9 things to do in Asilah | The street art Moroccan city

Asilah is a charming fortified city located in the northwest of Morocco, and it is a small, bright, and a great attraction that provides Spain's taste mixed with Moroccan traditions.

The streets of Asilah are decorated with inspirational artworks, and the city can be explored on foot in just one day. Continue reading to learn about the most enjoyable things that you should do when visiting this beautiful city.

1. Streets Artwork

Streets Artwork asilah

The paintings that fill the white walls in the old part of the city are actually one of the most important main features of Asilah, as it attracts art lovers all year round. Visitors will get to walk in these beautifully decorated streets and take photos of the magical pieces of arts that are found in every corner.

2. Cycling along the promenade

Cycling along the promenade asilah

The design, size, and location of Asilah make it ideal for cycling, and that is why most local hotels offer bike rental services, and organize bike trips.

You can explore the entire city by bike in one day, combining sightseeing with sports, and enjoying fresh air at the beachfront. This activity is ideal for those who do not like long trips, but still want to explore the city.

3. The Art Festival of Asilah

The Art Festival of Asilah

The annual art festival of Asilah brings artists from all over the world and invite them to contribute to the city's artwork by painting murals across the city so visitors can enjoy watching these pieces of art throughout the year.

In addition to public art shows, the festival guests can enjoy concerts and exhibitions during this fun event.

4. Ancient Walls

Ancient Walls asilah

In Asilah, most of the historic walls were built in the 15th century when the city was under the control of the Portuguese. Since then, these city walls have been cared for, and even partially renovated. Today, the walls stand in great shape, giving the city a truly charming personality.

5. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach asilah

Asilah has a charming small beach, but if you are looking for tranquility, you can take a taxi or drive to the beautiful beach of paradise, where visitors can enjoy soft sand and pleasant weather.

6. Dining at Restaurante Oceano Casa Pepe

Dining at Restaurante Oceano Casa Pepe asilah

For a more elegant experience, head to Restaurante Oceano Casa Pepe. In this two-storey restaurant, guests can enjoy food in a terrace overlooking the garden or dine indoors amid a romantic atmosphere.

The menu includes Mediterranean, Spanish, and Seafood dishes. Also, this restaurant features reservations, outdoor Seating, TVs, alcohol, and table service.

7. San Bartolome Church

San Bartolome Church asilah

Located in the northwest of the center of Asilah, San Bartolome Church is a Moroccan colonial style building, built by the Spanish Franciscans. This church is one of the few in Morocco that are allowed to ring bells on Sundays. It is a private and a closed church that still houses resident nuns.

8. Al-Hamra Tower | The red tower

Al-Hamra Tower | The red tower

Al-Hamra Tower is a wonderful attraction to visit in Asilah and it is located inside the Medina. It was built by the Portuguese in the 15th/16th century as a part of the City's defensive system.

9. Dining at XIV Port

Eating at XIV Port asilah

If you are looking for a new and exciting dining experience, Port XIV in Asilah is the right choice, where guests can enjoy fresh sea air and delicious international cuisine. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and designed. Also, Port XIV features a curated kitchen, where guests can see their dishes are being prepared in front of their eyes.