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Visit the magical Paradise Valley from Agadir, Morocco

Paradise Valley is located less than 30 miles north of the city of Agadir. Designating part of the Tamraght river valley, it is home to numerous rock pools and small waterfalls. This hidden little paradise is renowned throughout Morocco and is even well known in Europe. Charming and refreshing, the Paradise Valley appeals every year to travelers from all over the world!

Do you want to visit the Paradise Valley from Agadir? So, you will find in this article all the information essential to discover it in the best conditions. Tips, history and practical information, you will know the essentials to plan your visit and enjoy it as much as possible!

History of Paradise Valley

paradise valley agadir morocco

The Tamraght River flows through the mountains of the Moroccan High Atlas. This oasis has obviously been frequented by local people for a long time. Fields and plantations are part of the landscape of the Paradise Valley and its surroundings. During sunny days, it is therefore a favorite destination for many inhabitants of neighboring villages, but also more distant lands. After all, we lend therapeutic virtues to the waters of the Valley.

paradise valley agadir morocco

Indeed, the region began to be well known from the 1960s. A popular legend in neighboring villages claims that at that time, a German couple discovered by chance the benefits of spring water. The woman, very ill, would have recovered miraculously after bathing in it! Since that time, villagers and travelers have flocked there for both the supposed virtues and the beauty of this oasis. Over thirty kilometers, visitors can then enjoy the multiple pools, admire beautiful waterfalls, enjoy superb hikes and landscapes!

The best time to visit the Paradise Valley

paradise valley agadir morocco

The Valley of Paradise is ideally visited from September to May. In summer, the basins are not very full due to the drought. But above all, the valley is taken over by tourists. Traffic jams sometimes stretch for miles and each water pool is crowded.

It is therefore better to favor spring, autumn or winter. In spring, the almond trees bloom and in autumn, the oaks take on beautiful colors. You can still swim in the pools and enjoy some peace and quiet. However, choose weekdays to avoid crowds and traffic jams. In winter, several species of raptors join the valley.

paradise valley agadir morocco

Note that due to flooding, the road is sometimes inaccessible for a few days, especially in January and February. So check the weather before planning your hike. Because of the rains, the tarmac road gives way to a track from the village of Tamzargout.

The duration of a visit to the Valley of Paradise

paradise valley agadir morocco

The Paradise Valley can be visited in half a day if you have a rental car. However, you can explore further, relax along the pools and waterfalls, and occupy a day or two. You can also discover hikes in the surrounding mountains.

How to equip yourself and what to take in your bag?

paradise valley agadir morocco
  • Take good walking shoes. The trail is rocky and steep, sometimes slippery. You will also cross the Tamraght River several times.

  • Bring your swimsuit and a towel.

  • Bring enough water and non-polluting sunscreen.

  • Prepare a snack. However, you don't need to charge too much. Food and drinks can be ordered on site and are inexpensive.

What to do during your visit to the Valley of Paradise?

paradise valley agadir morocco

We go to the Paradise Valley for two main reasons. First, to do one or more hikes along the valley tracks. Second, to swim in the pools and admire the beautiful waterfalls. A visit to the Paradise Valley therefore necessarily involves a short walk along the marked trails. Experienced or amateur hikers will be able to embark on longer walks.

paradise valley agadir morocco

Finally, we end or punctuate his visit to the Valley of Paradise by swimming in the pools with turquoise waters. During this day, you can also take the opportunity to learn more about the Berber culture. Travelers can chat with locals or hire a guide.

Are there guided tours of the Paradise Valley?

paradise valley agadir morocco

You can book an excursion to the Paradise Valley from Agadir. Thus, your transport will be taken care of directly from this city, or even from your accommodation in Agadir. So you don't have to worry about driving and parking your rental vehicle.

But above all, you can discover this exceptional site with a passionate and professional local guide. You will not waste time and gain access to the most beautiful landscapes, pools and waterfalls in the Paradise Valley. Your guide will teach you more about the region, the valley and its inhabitants. Obviously, the routes are multiple and depend on the guided tour chosen. As for prices, count at least $ 35 for a half-day visit to the Valley of Paradise.

Are there tours combined with other sites and activities?

paradise valley agadir morocco

Many excursions offer guided tours of the Valley of Paradise combined with other activities and sites in the region. There are, for example, tours combining the Valley and the Agadir day trip, excursions to the sand dunes preceded or followed by the oasis. Some also offer a hike followed by traditional cooking classes or a typical meal. In short, the possibilities are very numerous, you just have to choose the visit that you like the most! On the price side, count from 80 to 120 $ for a combined visit.

Where to stay near the Paradise Valley?

Paradise Valley morocco
Riad of the Olivier in Paradise Valley

Do you want to take your time to visit the Paradise Valley? Fortunately for you, there are many accommodations near this exceptional natural site! We particularly recommend the Cottage Village Paradise Valley, located a stone's throw from the valley and offering superb views of the oasis. This popular hostel is just one kilometer from the valley's footpaths and rock pools. For one night, count at least 20 $ per person. There are also other establishments nearby, such as Auberge Tanout.